Domestic Staff Agency

International Client of Pembury Partners are currently looking to hire either a Domestic Couple or a Head Housekeeper to focus on the upkeep of their property based in the Centro Storico in Venice, Italy.

The scope of the role will be reflected in the option acquired to care for the property: this is a semi formal household and the main focuses will be around the housekeeping, laundry and wardrobe management and cooking (if a couple). Additional members of private staff are already in place to ensure the duties are fairly distributed and high standards of upkeep are reached and maintained. This is not a role that will require management nor logistical input but 7* skills are needed to meet the Principals’ expectations. Separate accommodation will be provided to the Professional/s, flexibility in hours also in place.

Ideally a professional with a conversational knowledge of spoken Italian will be needed. All candidates must be eligible to work in Italy and/or possess a EU passport.


Amongst the duties:

    • Upkeeping of the property
    • Full housekeeping duties
    • Managing care and cleaning of artefacts, marble, wood and ceramics
    • Work in collaboration with additional staff members
    • Ideally 5.5 days per week – later start in the morning and earlier finish if not required for dinner
    • Normal European buffet-style service (no silver)
    • Additional cooking if a couple is considered (healthy, non-complex dishes)

Skillset required:

    • Italian conversational and English ideally
    • Discreet and respectful – easy going and reliable
    • Able to work to the highest of standards – excellent wardrobe and laundry management
    • Experience in similar background
    • Eligible to work in Italy and/or possess a EU passport

Salary and accommodation: negotiable and competitive, separate apartment will be provided to Housekeeper or Couple

To discuss further and express your interest please email Elvie Dakin at