Domestic Staff Agency

Pembury Partners are currently looking for an upcoming Financial Director with strong experience working in family offices settings to join an international FO London-based.


Background on Family Office (FO):

    • Principal of FO is UHNW UK individual who is fully occupied in separate business that has generated the family wealth.
    • Principal is expanding the business interests of the FO through increased exposure to a range of investments from real estate through to private equity style investments, in the UK, US and elsewhere.
    • FO currently has:
    • Property assets in UK, France and Caribbean.
    • US Business Partnership that owns property assets in the US.
    • Private Equity style investments in the UK.
    • Other assets and investments associated with UHNW individual

Role and Responsibilities:

    • Role is part of small FO structure that is split between the UK and US. The FO HQ is London and the role is as one of 4 employees in the UK office. One of the four is the Finance Manager who will report directly to this role.
    • The London Office also provides all finance function support for the US Office where the Principal’s partner and family are based.
    • The responsibilities of the role are both ‘broad’ and ‘deep’ – in essence to be the ‘first port of call’ for all things financial.
    • Central responsibility is to lead the London finance function through the day-to-day management of the Finance Manager, whose responsibilities include:
    • preparing and maintaining the books and records
    • cash management
    • payroll reporting and payments to suppliers
    • tax compliance
    • financial management reporting for the Principal showing movement in net wealth, cash, operating income and expenditure
    • management of finance calendar – ensuring all deadlines are met (internal, external, regulatory, service provider agreements, payments).
    • Corporate secretarial – keeping registers up to date for the various entities / working with the service provider to achieve this
    • Wider responsibilities include:
    • Enhancing and maintaining the formal operating and reporting processes of the finance function – including the reporting from overseas operations.
    • Management of the 3rd party IT provider and evaluating alternative solutions
    • Tax planning and reporting for FO and the Principal – with support of external advisers.
    • Dealing with external advisers such as accountants, lawyers, bankers, property agents
    • Preparation of financial plans and budgets for the FO
    • HR – management of joiners & leavers, inc. pension, benefits and insurances.
    • Management of telephony system provider
    • Handling personal investments and disposals made by the Principal eg Trade coordination and settlement
    • Cost analysis / evaluation of service providers for key assets
    • Bank financing of existing assets and future investments.
    • Insurance of current assets and investments.
    • Review and monitoring of budgets and progress of the underlying investments.

Reporting and Communication:

    • Direct line report to Principal
    • Direct reporting to US Partner

Personal Characteristics:

    • Confidence in dealing direct with the Principal and Partner
    • Self-starter with a can do attitude
    • Ability to work to short response timelines
    • Methodical, structured and detail orientated
    • Understanding of the FO environment, in particular the need for discretion and confidentiality


    • Required – Establishing and maintaining financial management and reporting processes for small/medium sized business with overseas operations
    • Preferred but required – Family Office/HNW exposure

Salary and Benefits:

    • £70,000 plus bonus

To discuss this role further please contact Darren Lewis at