Benefits of a Family Assistant

Often when people hear the term ‘Family Assistant’, they might jump to the conclusion that it’s just another term for a ‘Nanny’ or Personal Assistant. 

But neither category can fully describe the benefits of having someone in your home to assist in the day to day runnings. For single mums with a full-time career, or couples on different schedules, housework can build up, the kids need help – but you can’t be in two places at once. A Home or Family Assistant can provide the support where required. They are more than a Nanny, and here’s how; 

  1. Time Poor? Not Anymore. 

Whereas Nannies will take the responsibility of Child Care off of your hands, a Family Assistant will take on the responsibilities of running errands, etc, off so that you can spend more time with your children. The roles are reversed. Esther Perel suggests it is better to view a Family Assistant as a ‘Parental Assistant’. ‘They’re not someone who will dote on your child’s every whim whilst you spin all the other plates. They are there to support you’. Whether that’s sorting the laundry, restocking the cupboards and cooking, or walking the dog. 

  1. Qualifications? High. 

Most FA’s have experience as Personal or Virtual Assistants, so they will also be able to help with the day to day running of your business. Many have a Graduate level degree in either Estate or Household Management, and whilst a Nanny may very well be educated, Family Assistants esteem to make this a career. They can assist you in curating a schedule that suits your priorities, so you’re no longer balancing between ‘important’ and ‘urgent’.  

  1. The Age of Your Children? Doesn’t Matter. 

Most Nannies will work with younger children, but a Family Assistant can support your family no matter the age of your children. Fundamentally, they are there to support you. Whether it’s providing meals, covering the carpool or assisting with work – no matter the age. As we’ve said before, they are there to assist the adults; and if the adults need assistance covering a few errands for their teenage children, that’s possible with a Family Assistant, whereas it might not be an option for a standard personal assistant or a nanny.  

  1. Their Skills? Multiplied.

Most Family Assistants have flexible additional skills which can benefit the family; such as being bilingual, or ASL trained, First Aid trained, or experience in dietary requirements. The agency will help you find a Family Assistant with the right skill set to suit your home, and your business. Could you benefit from your FA having Marketing experience? Research? If you work from home, managing your time isn’t easy: having an FA opens up the possibilities to increase the services you offer because you have the time and skills to hand. 

  1. Big Event? Scheduled

Planning an event, whether it’s a Wedding, a Conference or a Festival, takes time, patience and a lot of organising. Delegation is often a key to a successful event and when you’ve worked with your FA, you’ll understand how they work and you’ll trust that they can speak to vendors, take calls and project manage on your behalf. It’s a symbiotic working relationship which should benefit you both, whilst alleviating the pressures hosting an event can put on you. 

If you’d like to find out more about how a Family Assistant can help you, contact us today.


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