Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant Agency

Benefits of Hiring a Personal Assistant Agency

Finding the right talent to fill your personal assistant role(s) can be tough.  It can be a real pressure to find the “right” candidate and if you are not actively involved in recruiting it can be difficult to know exactly where to start – or indeed where to finish in finding the right professional.  You may have a list of requirements you expect from your personal assistant but in such a sensitive position it can be difficult to find a candidate you can trust.   For this reason, many people choose to outsource their personal assistant recruiting to an external agency.

There is a myriad of benefits to using a personal assistant agency, let’s take a look at some of the potential benefits you can expect:

Save time and money

Very often the number one reason for using an external agency is to save time.  The detailed process of finding a trustworthy personal assistant for your home or business takes a considerable amount of effort; there’s a lot to think about right down to double-checking references, DBS background checks, CV screening and more.  Marketing activities such as posting on job boards, LinkedIn, and specialist publications can also prove expensive; plus there is the risk of hiring the wrong candidate to have to start the whole process over again.

When you choose a personal assistant agency you simply need to tell them what kind of person you need and what for, then they will go off and do the heavy lifting for you; they can handle all of the vettings, interviewing, and hiring candidates for the job.  A specialist agency can keep their costs down through repeated advertising – passing these savings on to you, and when you hire a personal assistant agency their market knowledge should also help to reduce the chances of failed hiring.  In fact, many agencies also offer rebate periods and will re-advertise your vacancy if the candidate leaves the position within a specified period of time.

Faster hiring

A recruitment agency may be able to fill your position within a much quicker time frame than you can. In addition to their specialist experience which allows them to screen and vet candidates faster, they may be able to dedicate more time than you can to the search, speeding the process up.

Making you an attractive employer

Employer branding is often an important component in hiring private staff.    In the competitive personal assistant market, there is also the common risk of counter-offers from competitors and similar employers. When you partner with a respected specialist agency they give candidates a real insight into your business helping to represent you as the employer of choice.

Get access to more, better candidates

When outsourcing your job search to an external agency you can expect a quality selection of reliable candidates.  An experienced staffing agency will have the best contacts and filters in place to ensure that the candidates who are selected for your position are of the highest calibre.  They can also produce effective job adverts that attract the right kind of talent, and quickly screen through CVs, eliminating weaker CVs earlier on in the process.

Peace of mind

Finding a personal assistant can be stressful.  Outsourcing to an experienced agency can give you peace of mind that the whole process is taken care of and should ultimately deliver the particular personal assistant help you require.

Market knowledge

Agencies who specialize in private assistants have a unique insight into the private staffing market, they can help to advise you on matters such as salary benchmarking and what is the going rate for particular roles.  They will also know what skills candidates are likely to have, and where there may be skills shortages.  If there is a surplus of candidates with particular expertise then this would likely affect your chances of recruiting.

It’s all very well making general statements, but the proof is in the pudding.  If you’re looking to begin recruiting for a personal assistant and have questions, you can contact the experienced team at Pembury Partners.

Pembury Partners have over 35 years combined experience in the global private and luxury sector and can help you to find the right kind of talented professionals to fill your private positions.


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